Interview With Tressa Silguero

Tressa Silguero became widely known following a brief role in the adult film industry, recording multiple pornographic films. She has since left the world of pornography as documented by a hit Netflix documentary, “Hot Girls Wanted”, which had reached critical acclaim and millions of worldwide views.

Next Generation blogs recorded an exclusive interview with Tressa to find out more about her controversial world, and her world outside of porn.

I, like millions around the world, first discovered you through Netflix – through the documentary “Hot Girls Wanted”. How did your involvement in that documentary come to be?

The way I got involved in the Documentary “Hot Girls Wanted” was when I met the directors of the film, Jill Bauer and Ronna Gradus, for the first time at Rachel’s [pornographic] scene. They were interested in my opinions about the porn industry and such. They then decided that they wanted to follow me everywhere I went, including home and family trips.

There are countless young females in the adult film industry, and an increasing number wanting to enter that path. What is, do you think, that attracts most of them there?

The reason why most girls go into the porn industry is because of the amount of money they offer; it’s quite appealing to the ear of an eighteen year old. (amateur porn stars can receive upwards of £2000 per shoot, depending on the scene or agent).

According to CNBC, the average female pornstar earns around $800 to $1500 per shoot, with more well-known professional figures earning around $2000+ per scene. However, agencies often take large percentages of earnings, or earnings are split between multiple actors within a scene or agency.

Has your involvement in the adult film industry desensitized you in any way, such as with personal relationships?

In my personal relationships, it didn’t ‘desensitize‘ it, it just made everything harder to cope with, [working] it around my family. With Kendall [Tressa’s partner], the spark did fade a little bit through our rougher times, but now it’s better than ever.

My old friendships became awkward, as in them randomly texting me, asking me about the documentary and saying that I’m famous. It just made me feel weird about it. 

Many young people are attracted into the adult film industry, either as viewers or as participants. What is your advice to both viewers of porn at a young age, and to people thinking of going into porn?

[That’s] the most frequent question I answered at Sundance Film Festival. I love answering this question every time someone asks it!

I would want to tell them my story, about my experiences in the industry, all of the ups and the downs. I will be honest, it was fun to be so carefree and not care about anything other than your own happiness in the beginning, when I first started, But the fun will eventually end. It always does.

By the end of the documentary, we watched you leave the industry. How has that changed, if at all, your relationships with your parents and your partner?

Well, when I did get out of the adult film industry, I was at my parents visiting them. Riley, who was my agent, just mailed most of my stuff back to me, and I moved to Arlington afterwards. My parents felt relieved, I think!

What do you strive to do next in life?

At the moment I’m a catering manager and a store manager for a local restaurant. I plan on becoming a general manager of my own store within the next 8 to 10 months. I do love my job! I live to do better each day, and always like to look forward.


Do you regret working in the adult film industry at all?

I don’t regret going into the industry. If I wouldn’t have made that one choice of getting on the plane to live in residency with my agent, I wouldn’t have met Kendall. I know what your probably thinking; “Why go through all of that trouble, stress and shit?”

I would honestly do it over again, just to be with Kendall. Kendall is my other half and my best friend.

If you could change one thing in your past, would you, and what would it be?

I’m sure there’s a lot of shit I could change, but I wouldn’t want to. Reason being, would I be the same person I am today, or would I be different? Would I like being someone I could’ve been? Would I be with Kendall? Would I still have a family? There are a lot of “what if’s”.

I wouldn’t change anything.

You’ve been absolutely incredible to interview and your story has touched so many people. Good luck in the future, Tressa!

Thanks for having me, Benjamin!

Note: Since speaking through this interview, Tressa Silguero has deleted most of her social media accounts and appears to be refusing all further media requests. This is her first, and only, official interview since the Netflix documentary. 
Image courtesy of Netflix 
-Benjamin John Wareing

10 thoughts on “Interview With Tressa Silguero

    • So…. men who date hookers are men of high caliber to you. Actually, yeah he is better off with you. The trash need to stick together so your genes don’t get mixed up with anyone elses.


  1. Alright people, enough with the petty personal judgements. I’m looking at the porn industry and our society …… it is just one giant predatory machine.

    It should be considered prostitution and should be subject to the laws of the respective jurisdictions.

    Just like prostitution, very little of it is not abusive.


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