BREAKING: MAJOR Incident at London Bridge, Many Injured

BREAKING: An ongoing incident has been reported at Thrale Street by London Bridge, London, in the United Kingdom, Borough Market and Vauxhall.

Early reports indicate a van mounted a sidewalk and struck a number of pedestrians, before a man was seen stabbing civilians. Multiple sources on the ground reported hearing gunshots shortly after.

A second incident has been confirmed at Borough Market, close to Thrale Street by London Bridge following reports of stabbings. Armed officers fired shots at this incident.

A third incident is underway in the Vauxhall area of London.

The Metropolitan Police, London’s police force, confirmed a “major incident” is now unfolding. Streets surrounding the incident have been closed down.

In addition, Met Police confirmed they were also responding to a second incident at Borough Market, close to Thrale Street, where they announced that armed police were on the scene and had fired shots following reports of stabbings.

A third incident is underway in the Vauxhall area of London.

David witnessed the incident and told Next Generation Blogs: “We saw the van just plow down the road and climb that pavement. It didn’t slow down, [it] just hit through so many people”.

BBC reporters on the scene suggest as many as SIX people are injured, however this is yet unconfirmed.

Armed police units have been seen on the ground, and numerous witnesses heard “multiple gunshots”. Videos airing on Sky News appear to show armed police evacuating dozens of bystanders away from a white van.

The report of a knife attack remains unconfirmed, however social media posts appear to support these reports.

The incident comes just two months after the Westminster terrorist attack, that saw attacker Khalid Masood kill 5 and injure 49 others. 

The incident also comes two weeks after the Manchester terrorist attack, claimed by radical Islamist group ISIS, which killed 22 and injured 116 others – many of which were young girls attending an Ariana Grande concert.

This breaking news story is still developing live. Update article frequently for more updates.

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