Terrorist Attack in London, England.


BREAKING: The Metropolitan Police service in London, England, are treating two incidents in London as terrorism. Declared as of 00:25hrs (4/6/2017).

More than one fatality has been confirmed, with many more injured.

At 22:08 a white van mounted a sidewalk in London, striking numerous pedestrians. A male then emerged from the van and attacked bystanders with a knife on Thrale Street.

A second incident is unraveling in Borough Market, close to Thrale Street, where armed police are in attendance following reports of stabbings. Shots were confirmed at this incident.

A third incident was thought to be underway in the Vauxhall area of London, where officers responded. The reported incident cleared up and the Vauxhall Station was reopened. Met Police confirmed this was an unrelated stabbing.

The Met Police are now circulating the below informative poster on social media:

Armed police quickly arrived to the scenes, and eyewitnesses told of hearing “many, many shots” fired.

Police are reportedly searching for THREE armed suspects who are on the run, and have advised the public to avoid the area and report any suspicious activity.

The believed terrorist attack comes just 2 months after the Westminster attack which killed 5 and injured 49, and 2 weeks after the Manchester bombing which killed 22 and injured over 100.

The London Ambulance Service confirmed in a Twitter post that the first medic arrived 6 minutes after the initial report.

Prime Minister Theresa May has been informed of the major incident, and White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer confirmed that President Donald Trump was being updated on the events.

Theresa May will chair an emergency meeting of COBRA on Sunday morning with most senior cabinet members in attendance. She described the events as “terrible incidents” that are “potential acts of terror”.

Donald Trump tweeted: “We will be there – WE ARE WITH YOU” in response to the attack, after seemingly propping up reasoning for his controversial ‘travel ban’.

This breaking news story is still developing live. Update article frequently for more updates.

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