Several Dead in London Terror Attack

The Metropolitan Police service have confirmed that SEVEN people have been killed after a terrorist incident struck London tonight (3 June 2017). 

London Ambulance Service confirmed in a Twitter statement that “at least” 48 patients have been taken to five hospitals across London.

The Met Police confirmed that they had killed 3 suspects, with armed police movement around Borough Market suggesting another suspect is still at large.

12 suspects have been arrested since last night’s attack.

Shortly after 10pm, reports emerged that a number of pedestrians had been hit by a van on London Bridge in central London, England. 

The Met police added that officers were “responding” to reports of stabbings in the nearby Borough Market, in which they fired shots.

Images circulating on social media appeared to show a suspect subdued on the sidewalk with objects similar to gas canisters strapped to their waist. The device was later clarified as a hoax.

Multiple heavy explosions were heard towards the Borough Market area at around 2am.

10 Downing Street released a statement saying: “The prime minister is in contact with officials and is being regularly updated on the incident at London Bridge.” The PM will chair an emergency meeting of COBRA in the morning (4 June 2017).

The Met Police confirmed on social media that: “From 2208hrs, officers responded to reports of a vehicle in collision with pedestrians on London Bridge.
“Officers have then responded to reports of stabbings in BoroughMarket. Armed officers responded and shots have been fired.

“Officers are now responding to an incident in the Vauxhall area.” However, the Vauxhall incident has now been cleared, which was due to an unrelated stabbing incident.

The incident comes just two months after a terrorist plowed through pedestrians at Westminster, and only two weeks after the devastating Manchester attack which killed 22 and injured over 100 more.

President Donald Trump was notified of the incident shortly after initial reports emerged, before he tweeted: “We need the travel ban as an extra level of safety!” – alluding to his controversial travel ban that was rejected by Federal judges earlier this year.

The American President then took aim at London Mayor Sadiq Khan, criticising him for his messages urging calm.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn sent his condolences to the victims, adding that the attack was “brutal and shocking” in a statement, just 4 days before the snap-General Election of 8 June.

All major political parties have suspended their election campaigns.

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