BREAKING: Donald Trump’s Visit to UK ABANDONED From Queen’s Speech 2017

Queen Elizabeth II has concluded her Queen’s Speech to both Houses within Parliament, and left one particular stone untouched: her planned state visit of President Donald Trump to the country. It appears the Monarch has postponed the visit by Trump for the rest of the year, with rumours it may not occur until at least 2019.

Earlier this year, following the inauguration of the controversial President, Queen Elizabeth II extended an invitation of a full state visit to Trump; a visit of royalty, celebrity and fashion which welcomes visitors with a ride in the Royal carriage down the Mall.

Planned protests throughout London have been threatened for when such a visit would occur, with hundreds of thousands pledging their attendance on online petitions and pages. Equally, many petitions have been created calling for the government’s halting of a state visit following polarising comments made by the outspoken President – including his reaction to the Manchester bombings and the leaking of confidential information, his criticisms of London Mayor Sadiq Khan after the London Bridge terror attack, and his withdrawal from the Paris Climate Deal.


Queen Elizabeth II sat with her son, Prince Charles, for her Queen’s Speech 2017.

Her Majesty typically lists any such formal visits for the year ahead, however many noticed no such announcement has been made for the 44th President of the United States. This acts as the most direct, and somewhat official, sign that no date had yet been confirmed for the visit, which follows claims that it was delayed due to Trump’s worry of mass protests across the capital city.

The Queen’s Speech typically acts as an official confirmation of any state visits, and HRH did confirm she would host the King and Queen of Spain on a formal state visit to the UK. Equally, in her Speech last year, the Queen confirmed she would welcome a state visit that year by the President of Colombia which took place in November.

A 10 Downing Street spokesperson told HuffPost UK: “An invitation has been extended and accepted. The visit was not mentioned as a date has yet been confirmed”, leading to the suggestion that a visit will not occur this year, but may yet occur next year or in the future.

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