This is the first, and at current, only website owned by journalist and photographer Benjamin John Wareing. Created on the 29th March 2015, Benjamin has continued to post a wide variety of articles, from interviews and photography to opinion pieces and commissions.

‘Next Generation Blogs’ aims to create a valid news, opinion and general discussion-based website given through the view of the young people in the world today. Therefore, it may not seem as formal or structured as ‘other’ news sources, but be assured, it is just as legitimate. Extensive fact-checking occurs on breaking news/ general news stories.

Benjamin is currently studying a Bachelors degree in Journalism. He also enjoys working in the social action and government sector, specifically due to his involvement with charities such as The Offside Trust and his work with NCS.

Benjamin contributes occasional long-length articles to Medium, and has been a paid freelance content creator for the Vocal/ Jerrick Media Network. He is also a freelance content creator for Blog Preston, the largest local news source in Preston city, and has been used as a breaking news source multiple times world-wide, including usage by CNN and Sky News.

  • Email: goldennike11@hotmail.co.uk

Comments made on any article are subject to deletion upon the Editors’ discretion, but where possible, will not be. A response may be given within 48 hours, especially if a query is given.

Benjamin and ‘Next Generation Blogs’ have received numerous endorsements from varying notable individuals. Some of these endorsements will be listed below;


“I really appreciate your efforts with your website, and I am grateful for your continued support. Do continue!” – Ex-Prime Minister of Great Britain, The Rt Hon David Cameron.

“It is wonderful to hear you carrying on your experiences through your website. Do keep up the good work!” – The Cabinet Office.

“I hope you are able to continue your involvement [with the website]. People like you are helping us to build a more cohesive , responsible, and engaged society.” – Former Minister for Civil Society, Rob Wilson MP.

“You’ve really got your nut[head] screwed on. You’ll go a long way in the journalism world. There has to be rules in life; morale, self respect and beliefs. You seem to have it all.” – Charles Bronson (Salvador)

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